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Door frame machining center


无需换刀  柔性生产

No need to change tools, flexible production



Multi-turn type, multi-station group processing 45°, 90°, 135°

Plate, solid wood and other materials, framed products, assembly doors, etc.



JX-MK2500 CNC splicing machine is a new type of product for our company to process frame products and assembly doors for various materials such as plate and solid wood.







This machine is equipped with 45°, 90°, 135° and has a three-axis groove machine.Has the function.


Moreover, a plurality of gutters on the long workpiece can be clamped without changing the tool and repositioning, thereby improving work efficiency and avoiding dimensional errors caused by multiple positioning.

1  触屏式参数录入修正,可预存多个参数,轻松切换,操作简便;

2  图形文件具有参数化设置,榫头榫眼的大小位置尺寸,配合松紧度等在操作界面上设定后自动调节。


3  润滑系统:具备按累积加工时长来进行定时供油功能。

4  防尘系统:毛刷清洁+吸尘系统;

5  电脑对接功能(支持U盘接入)根据加工工艺要求优化加工路径;

6  具备去皮功能,杜绝板材崩边,加工的榫头、榫眼外形光洁美观。

1. Touch screen type parameter input correction, can pre-store multiple parameters, easy to switch, easy to operate;

2. The graphic file has parameterized settings, the size and position of the blinking eye, and the tightness are automatically adjusted after setting on the operation interface. There are 4 straight plates and 2 45 degree plates, which can be used for multi-turn type and multi-station processing. The work table is long and can process long materials.

3. Lubrication system: It has the function of timing oil supply according to the accumulated processing time.

4. Dust-proof system: brush cleaning + vacuum system;

4. Computer docking function (support U disk access) optimize the processing path according to the processing technology requirements;

5. It has the function of peeling, to prevent the board from chipping, and the processing of the steamed bread and the blinking shape is smooth and beautiful.







45°榫头宽度 45°bread width 0-200mm
45°榫头深度 45°bread depth 10-30mm
90°榫头宽度 90°bread width 0-200mm
90°榫头深度 90°bread depth 10-45mm
135°榫头宽度 135°bread width 0-150mm
135°榫头深度 135°bread depth 10-30mm
榫刀转速 Rotary speed 12000r/min
榫眼钻头转速 Wink bit speed 18000r/min
榫刀轴功率 Rake shaft power 5.5kw x 2
榫眼轴功率 Mortise shaft power 3.7kw x 2
钻头直径 Drill diameter Φ3-Φ16mm
铣刀轴直径 Milling cutter shaft diameter Φ30mm
最大加工厚度 Max.processing thickness 80mm
最大加工长度 Max.processing length 2500mm
总功率 Total power 24kw
外型尺寸 Dimensions 435016001800mm